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Have live sessions with other musicians in your browser. Create and record songs together. Find the right musicians for your musical projects. Let others contribute to your songs. Be part of an active musician community and make music anytime, anywhere.

The songs will be saved on our website. Here is an example of a collaboration between 5 musicians:

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No matter if you just started making music, are a hobby-musician or have just recorded your 10th studio album: sofasession works for every level, instrument and music genre. sofasession is made by musicians for musicians.

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You don’t have enough time to meet up with musicians? Do you live far from your band mates? Are you looking for a simple tool to record your song ideas? To work together on projects easily? Is your band missing a talented musician? Or are you only looking for some songs to play along? Find it all on sofasession. Practice your skills anytime, anywhere.

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Technical requirements: Computer with internet. Valid account on sofasession (free). Installed browser software (free). Connect your instrument or microphone & get started immediately. Learn how to get started here.

Supported systems: Windows, Mac
Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari (partially), Edge