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Finding musicians, meeting in a rehearsal and making music with them is time consuming, right? sofasession allows you to jam online with your friends, band members or any community member of sofasession from home! You only need a Windows or Mac computer and an internet connection! It's super easy.

Online jam made easy

If you want to jam online on sofasession, you only need to register for the service (hey.. it's even free). Once you are registered, you are able to download our jam software, browse the community and start jamming online.

How does the software work?

sofasession uses state-of-the-art technology to create online jam sessions. Our jam software creates super fast audio connections over the internet that allows low latency online jamming, much faster than conventional audio conferencing systems.

Features of our jam software

Jam software product demonstration

Check out this video to see how sofasession enables you to jam online.

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