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With sofasession you can make music with others musicians online.

Find musicians

Tap into the community and find the right musicians for your next musical project. Listen to what they have done and what contributions they have made.

Make a song in real-time

Create or join an online jam session on sofasession. Play with other musicians, rehearse your songs with them or start a new song in a songwriting session.

Record your song online

Record your song ideas and invite other musicians to contribute to them. Get notified when your song got a contribution and select the best takes for your song.

Share it

Any contribution on your song will be mixed down and you can immediately listen to it. Share your songs on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network to get feedback.

How it works

sofasession helps you make a song online.

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All you need is your computer, an internet connection and a browser. Making a song online was never that easy.
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