Writing the Summer Song 2015!


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As a versatile media composer, Simon knows how to write a catchy tune. He has written epic orchestral works and tracks for several TV shows, and bands like Hindoslem


Michael is the most experienced of the tutors. His music covers a wide range, from experimental jazz to heavy rock music.


Paddy is a live musician par excellence and a music machine. He plays in a couple of bands and knows how to rock a crowd.

Join the tutors in the battle for winning the songwriter contest 2015!

How To


Prelisten and select one of the songs below


Support your favourite song by liking or commenting it


Contribute to the song by recording your own track on sofasession


Get invited to the professional production of the winner song in Vienna as contributor

The Songs

  • ayyiee14
  • mayorvix001
  • mayorvix001
  • mayorvix001
  • DanielMisfit
  • Mithrox
  • Monomane
  • toniop
    toniop has just created a new mix: Freestylin in the Summersun (Summer Song) (toniop's Mix 1)
    • August 10
  • DanielMisfit
  • SamBott
  • NilsenBluss
  • jojojak
  • CDew

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